Confessions of a Mommy

by Anchored Guest Blogger

So for sometime I’ve been feeling like…

I need more.

You know when you just can’t put your finger on it but you know you’re (dare I say) yearning for it.

It’s nothing anyone I love can try to give me because there’s nothing more I could possibly want from them.

They already are everything and they always will be the bain of my existence… but

I need more.

I imagine its true that I am to be more than just who I am to them. You see.

It’s me that needs more – of me.

I barely see her when I look in the mirror. There are days I have to look twice before I can think of anything nice… to say – to her … before I can connect the dots like details from a daydream, and as dull as that may seem.

It’s anything but.

Because I believe that out there are a few more of me who have or are experiencing a similar swaying but they’re just not saying… so

Yes. I need more, to do more of the things that make all the parts of me – happy – to be me.

In becoming more aware of this existential need for

To tap into my gifts and talents from God that I’m now struggling to see.

And therein lies the question of how often do I give myself permission to take back the parts of myself that are so interestingly and uniquely me?

The good feelings, the things that stimulate me and my inner creativity that I hid high up on a shelf somewhere – safe – where nobody can see, not even me.

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