Enter into the Secret Place

by Teneale Williams

The secret place is the most precious place for every person IN CHRIST to spend time in.

Our rewards come out of the secret place.

Our strength and confidence, our boldness, our love, our character it comes from the secret place.

Enter in once again…

In Matthew 6, Jesus instructs us to do a couple of things in secret, and He says “Your Father who is in secret will…”
The truth is that the Father and the heart of the Father is found in the secret place 😊

When we enter in, it’s as though we are being born again over and over as He lavishes and refreshes us with His love and fresh oil in that place…

It’s a place where it’s only you and Him…

It can be uncomfortable to sometimes enter in, but enter in with expectation of meeting with Him, of encountering Him, of hearing and of seeing Him…

This is a topic we’ve been touching on for a couple of weeks in our weekly meeting at The Gathering.
It’s been so good and yielding much beautiful fruit 🤍

The same way Jesus spent time away from the people and the noise, is the same thing we should be doing.

Enter in again. 🤍

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