Geraldine Jacobs – For Worshippers (Part Two)

by Teneale Williams

This year (2022) I experienced a turning point in my life.

Since my encounter with a ministry I had earlier this year and the graces on the lives of those in the ministry, I was able to understand what I am about to share:

You see I was saved yet I didn’t truly know my Saviour. We are saved, we speak about God, sing about God and His goodness, but we can still be very far off.
Posting John 3 vs 16 on your status but not living it, is not being set apart. Sorry to say, but we have become religious.

Now in my turning point, I truly started understanding the weight and the purpose of the grace of God on my life. Singers – we can sing, we are talented, but there is so much more to a beautiful voice.

We need to move from knowing to yielding.

We have become too dependent on our own knowledge.  The very thing about being skilled is highlighted more than the Gospel.
We have been operating with our own understanding and giving no way for the truth of God to be revealed.
At times as a worshipper you will hear God and be prompted to share what you are hearing but you don’t follow through because it seems crazy. If God’s saying the church should shout, then it’s WARFARE!
If God says the church should be quiet, then that is a MOMENT TO LISTEN.
We’ve disobeyed the voice of God because there is a specific medley that will fill that gap. These moments are so vital, as your disobedience to hearing can block people’s blessings, healing, deliverance. We cannot do God’s work without his voice.

Skills can only take us as far as we know. Knowing is not enough but yielding is.
Yielding to the Holy Spirit has the ability to continually give you something new within the same hour.

In praise there is an understanding that goes beyond moving to the beat, in worship there is an ability to unlock doors for the congregation to be ushered in. 
There’s a confidence in knowing that Heaven’s got your back and that is so much more effective. Flow in that knowing.

However, the assurance starts in your Secret Place with your audience of One where everything you ever need for your life and your ministry is made available.

I am experiencing the difference and it’s so much better than my skills.

Being on stage has gone way past preparing songs but transforming lives.
There is a call for worshippers to soak in the secret place.
A need for worshippers to hear correctly, there is a demand on the grace of worshippers to get back to spirit and truth. There is so much more.

You hold the key to the next dimension.

I was unaware of the plan of God for my journey this year. What I can say is that God truly knows what He does.
He sent the women and men of God of The Gathering ministry to come alongside me, to bring an awakening and an equipping within me. (Ephesians 4: 6- 11) My Spiritual life has been changed forever.

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Joy Cloete October 6, 2022 - 3:22 pm

Awesome. Just confirming my thoughts I had last night of how we can become so religious forgetting our actual mandate by God. God bless you Gerry


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