Identity by Sheni Mugyema

by Teneale Williams

“In your brokenness and imperfection, God whispers three words: You are Mine.”
-Margaret Feinberg-

Do you really know who you are? You have looked in the mirror and criticized the way God made you, evaluating your life and wishing you were smarter, more talented and more successful.

You’ve listened to discouraging words from others about your lack of achievements. Stop accepting the labels people have placed on you. Fight the temptation of looking at your broken places and feel unloved.

Start to believe what God says about you- and let that define you. You are created in His image, He is pleased with the way you are. He has blessed you. Do not allow the opinions of others to define you.

Let your brokenness bring you to His arms. Fix your heart on God’s promises. You are His Child!

2 Corinthians 1:2

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