It’s Time to Heal – Pearl Abrahams

by Anchored Guest Blogger
Pearl Abrahams shares her heart with us on the topic of Inner Healing and Restoration found in Christ.
She encourages us to remove the plasters that are keeping our wounds alive, and allow Christ to heal us once and for all.

Maybe we think we have healed, but there are fruits that are evidence of our brokenness. It is seen when we are easily offended, get bitter emotions when someone flourishes, anger outbursts, jealousy, coveting, gossiping, self-righteousness and the list goes on.

I’ve come to discover in my own experience that healing is a journey. One that we need to face every now and then in different seasons of our lives. Healing and Restoration still takes place after being Born Again and Spirit-Filled because we live in a broken world, but, we never have to face our pain on our own. We do it with the One who took the chastisement for our peace, the one who understands pain better than anyone else, the one who brought healing from a place of pain, rejection and absolute love, Jesus Himself.

God can love all of our broken pieces together; Jesus is the evidence that it is possible and Holy Spirit will help and empower us to do the “hard things”. Things like forgiving, humbling ourselves, being vulnerable, everything our flesh battles against. The flesh doesn’t know how to follow so we have to kill it daily and choose the leading of the Holy Spirit

You see it’s time to take off the plaster/s that are keeping our wounds alive.

In a literal sense, we tend to put a plaster on a wound because we are too afraid to feel the sting of water on it, we’ll rather cover it up. But in actual fact the plaster only temporarily protects us from feeling pain instead it keeps the wound moist, it keeps it alive; and we will make sure that no one touches or comes close to the wound, to avoid getting hurting again.

But only when we take it off and even sometimes allow someone to help us, will we heal completely. It will sting for a little while, sometimes scars are left behind, but the wound is closed, the pain is gone and we are healed.

Years ago, before I met Christ, I gave my all to a guy. Even when he lied to me and hurt me, I still did everything to keep Him. Eventually he hurt me so bad and went MIA and that broke my self-worth. I vowed to myself that I will never allow any man to see my vulnerable side again. That vow caused a terrible cycle in every relationship that followed.

I was controlling, didn’t trust, I was jealous and had no self-control with my words. This behavior poisoned me, because that bitter seed turned into a tree that affected everyone else around me, especially my family. When I finally chose Christ, the great physician started taking off my plasters, placed me on the operation table and gently loved my open wounds together. It was painful at times but I knew healing was taking place.

One of my biggest plasters was alcohol and it covered up the unforgiveness. Alcohol never fixed my bitter heart, it aggravated it, but I chased temporary fixes to avoid dealing with my hurt.

But Jesus! He is our way to redemption. A softened heart is possible, forgiveness is possible, trust is possible, hope is possible, believing again is possible because nothing is impossible for God. I still have some plasters that our father takes off so gently but I trust Him now, I believe Him, I want Him to set me free and heal me more.

What are your plasters? Are you ready to face your pain? Are you tired of being in bondage because of other people’s wrong doing or even your own doing? There is mercy, there is grace and there is liberty for you in Christ Jesus.

If you never heal from what hurt you, you will bleed on people who didn’t cut you.

Make peace with your broken pieces. God can heal you; He just needs your yes.  

You are brave, courageous and born for such a time as this .

The King is coming. “He is looking for a bride that He might present her to Himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy without fault.” Ephesians 5:27

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