Mischa Coetzee – Work of His Hands

by Teneale Williams

This past month, I had the privilege of hearing the story of Mischa Coetzee, the founder of Work of His Hands. As we sat in the beautiful Claremont Gardens, with her canvas in front of her, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation, she began to share her very beautiful and intricate story. 

When Mischa was at her first day of big school, she remembers sitting with her mom colouring in an ice cream cone. She remembers the excitement within her as she took the different colours and added life to the ice cream cone. 

Thereafter, Mischa’s mom would always encourage her to go and draw the trees in the garden as they lived in the beautiful Hout Bay at the time. 

She believes that her mother had sowed the seed of her interest and love for art as she would always encourage her to draw and be creative. 

As she grew up, she always enjoyed art class and excelled in her creative work and projects. 

When she got to high school, she easily chose art as a creative subject instead of music or drama. She was doing really well, yet her theory test marks were bringing her overall marks down, and this discouraged her. 

At this stage, no one was motivating her to continue to pursue art and no one was calling out her gift, hence it was natural that she lost her passion for art. 

She felt at that stage in her life, that she was not as mature in her creativity and that her drawings and paintings were good, but didn’t stand out. (If you have seen Mischa’s art work today, you would understand how that may seem impossible!)

When it came to Grade 10 subject choice, Mischa had dropped Art as a subject and chose CAT (Computers) and Geography as her main subjects. She had initially wanted to go into the Tourism Industry or GPS Mapping! 

After matriculating and not getting into university for her main choices in career, she ended up doing a Web Development bridging course and then went onto completing her Diploma in IT Business Analysis. She would never have guessed that she would end up studying and working in the IT field! 

After studying, Mischa was chosen by one of the recruiting companies partnering with CPUT and landed an Internship for 5 months and thereafter signed a permanent contract with the employer.

This is when things began to change. 

Mischa accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and found her entire life changed and after a while, suddenly found herself in a place of frustration. As she became this new person in Christ Jesus, she began questioning many things. “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” “What does God have planned for me?” (I’m sure that many of us can relate to these very questions). IT was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

One thing that she did know was that she has always been a creative person. She loves exploring, going to new places and meeting new people. 

During this time of frustration, Mischa reached out to a dear friend of hers and shared her heart, her feelings and her current frustrations. Her friend then asked a her a very simple question: “What do you love doing?” and Mischa’s immediate response was “Painting”.

This was what had sparked Mischa to draw and paint again. She then bought her own painting materials and started her journey in pursuing her passion. She has never looked back and since then Work of His Hands was birthed. 

Work of His Hands Art consists of many aspects. Mischa paints as she is led by the Spirit of God and loves painting nature and landscapes. She paints very deep Biblical Symbolism as well as Ministers in Art. She sells some of her art pieces and hosts amazing art workshops for the public as well as for private groups and corporates.

In August 2020, Mischa and two of her friends were asked to share their testimonies on FB Live. A few months later, someone who had listened to the testimonies had reached out to Mischa to host an art class for their prayer group. 

She had always had the desire to teach people to paint and teach them the skill she was so good at so this was exciting for her.

As she began to prepare to host her first art class on the 31st July 2021, Mischa was filled with excitement. Although she was nervous, she knew by the Spirit that this was what she was meant to do, and that she would excel at it by the grace of God. She felt that she was fulfilling a big part of her purpose and so preparation was easy. It was amazing for her to see how everyone’s faces lit up when they saw the transformation of their work following her very simple and easy-to-follow instructions. (I joined this one and it was amazing! Mischa is so patient and such a great teacher. She helped lots of us correct mistakes and made it look as if nothing went wrong.)

The second art class was for the ladies prayer group and that, too, was a huge success. 

Since inception, Mischa has hosted four art classes and each one gets more exciting. 

From painting lions and doves, to painting Table Mountain and landscapes. 

Workshops now form an integral part of Work of His Hands and Mischa regularly hosts art classes which are available for public bookings. 

Her next one will be on Saturday 12th March 2022, and we are so excited to be there! All of the details are on the poster below 😊

To check out Mischa and the Work of His Hands, you can follow her on the below links: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/workofhishands.art

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/workofhishands.art/ or @workofhishands.art

WhatsApp: 071 492 2635

Email: workofhishands.art@gmail.com

Be blessed!

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