The Testing of Our Anchors

by Teneale Williams

“Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.”

Seeing this phrase had the ability to knock the wind right out of me!

As I pondered on these words I felt the Holy Spirit minister to me about how there are many people who have come out of seasons where their anchors of faith in Christ have been tested and either proven worthy or unfit for storms.

For me, I saw a lot of grey areas in parts of my life that I hadn’t really completely surrendered to God. So when storms hit in those parts of my life (Or character) it was really challenging for me. 

I believe that many of us have struggled in fully yielding every area to the Lord Jesus. Maybe it’s our emotions, relationships, our finances, parenting, whatever it may be, it has been a struggle. One day down the line, that may become an issue in the storm and it may become the very reason why our entire ship sinks. 

The process of repairing and renewing or replacing our issues can either be really lengthy or quick, depending on how much work you actually want to put into surrendering those areas.
It’s going to take time being open with the Lord in prayer. It’s going to take time in worship and in quietness and allowing Him to enter into those deep places in your soul that maybe you yourself didn’t even know was there.

It’s going to take intimacy and unity with the Holy Spirit. 

May Christ (as our Anchor) protect us from danger and storms, and may we close every open door and deal with every undealt-with issue so that when the storms come, we know we are fully reliant on Christ Jesus. 

Be blessed.

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