Weeding Out The Gardens of Our Heart

by Teneale Williams

As I was in a time of prayer a few weeks ago, I clearly heard that we are each to remove the weeds out of the garden of our hearts. 

I believe that as we have come out of a time of deep trial and tribulation, many things should have been highlighted to God’s sons and daughters about the condition of our hearts.
Things were revealed that were maybe not dealt with, maybe some unforgiveness, or ways of thinking that are still linked to the world’s ways or to our previous carnal way of thinking.

Maybe sin creeped in and damaged your heart and you need to repent and be set free from the shame and condemnation that comes along with it.
Perhaps you realised that your trust in God is really not that great because you still find yourself thinking and speaking as though God will not come through for you as a faithful Father would and as His Word so clearly declares. 

The Body of Christ is being prepared for something great and in order for us to be fully prepared, we have to remove the weeds that so easily trips us up and entangles us. 

The weeds I am speaking about is “That one thing” we need to deal with. “That one thing” that has been a consistent issue throughout our lives. “That one thing” that you always relate to as the thorn in your side, like the Apostle Paul 😁

By the Power and the Grace made available to us by Christ and through the Holy Spirit, we are fully well and able to get through and weed out the gardens of our hearts in order for us to fully function as true Sons and Daughters of God, the way our Saviour Christ Jesus did!
It is so possible to do these things by just fully knowing what is available to us by Christ and the Spirit of God. 
Processes, trials, refining and purification is part of each of our walks with God and each of those things come with a finished work at the end of it. 

Whether God is removing something bad from our lives, bringing something good, preparing us for the next season, whatever it may be, it is so important to walk out the process without growing weary. 

So as you weed out the garden of your heart, ask the Holy Spirit to help you and guide your way through. 

Allow Him to finish the work, and then watch 😊

Be Blessed. ❤

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