What Does Serving God Look Like?

by Teneale Williams

We’ve recently come out of a time where church doors were forcibly closed, and many were taken from their place of comfort which was the traditional church or their places of worship, and they were forced to personally commune with Jesus.

I’m not sure what this looked like for you, but for me it was exciting.
I could rest! I could pray. I could put my daughters into a routine because I didn’t need to be at church every second night. I spent more time in fellowship with Jesus and I spent a lot of time allowing God to heal the places that were still broken and needed healing in my heart.
I spent quality time with those who were closest to me, and our relationships really flourished in that time. So many Zoom prayer and worship sessions – I loved it! (Who else needed to mute or turn off their video because their child was asking or crying for something??)
We found new and innovative ways of sharing Jesus with each other and this was all outside of the traditional church building.
It’s so important at the same time to see and realise the value of the traditional church but I believe what God has shown us is that WE ARE THE CHURCH and it’s about each of our own personal relationship with God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

When it came to serving God, I realised that God is and has always been after our hearts. Not so much everything that we can do FOR Him but everything that we can do THROUGH having a relationship with Him and having Him encompass every part of our hearts.

In this time it is so important to do introspection of our ‘grounds’ (Like Jesus says in Matthew 13) and when Jesus refers to the four types of ground or soil, He was referring to our hearts. He was saying that no matter what seed is sown, if it’s sown onto bad ground, it will not be able to take root and the seed is basically made to be useless.

How many of us have had the problem with having God’s Word actually transform different areas of our hearts? What area of our lives are we still battling with? And what is the root? Everything comes back to our own heart and the condition of our own heart.

I encourage each of us today to deeply introspect the condition of our hearts. The day we accepted Christ, we were filled with such wonder and zeal.
We were able to tangibly feel Him in our midst…

Where do you find yourself today?
Is your heart (Not only your actions) pleasing to the Father?
Are you putting God and His purpose and will for your life first before everything else? Do you know who you are in Him?
What have you laid down that has found its way back into your life?
When last have you spent quality time with Jesus?

It’s so important to do introspection regularly, because we are living in a time where the coming of Christ is so near and we do not want to be those maidens with no oil in our lamps.

So back to my question: What does it look like to truly serve God?
Serving God starts in the heart in the places where no man can see. Not even your closest friend, parent or your partner.
Serving God means dying to your flesh daily, and allowing Jesus the Christ to live on the inside of you.

Serving God means surrendering your will for His no matter how this may look.
Serving God means staying open to the Holy Ghost leading you in every decision and path you may go.
Serving God means loving Him and loving others.

Be blessed. ❤

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